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Hi my name is Shannon and I go by the pronoun she/her. I was born on a beautiful island in the caribbean called St.Lucia. I moved to toronto in 2004 and have spent the last 9 years of my life in this sensuous city of thunderbay. From my early years I always had a natural love for styling hair . I would do my two younger sisters' hair , cousins and actually started styling my own hair for school since I was 6 years old . I guess culturally being the eldest in my family I was responsible for learning different styles such as braiding ,weaving,relaxers,cornrows but I actually just truly loved making my sister and cousins feel beautiful. I always felt that when my hair was done up I could take on the world and I still feel this way today . Even though i had this passion for hair i had decided that i was going to be first an engineer , then i wanted to be a chef, then an immigration lawyer and lastly a social worker. I wanted to change the world whether it was through building , cooking or  helping women and children but the hair gods had me in their grasp and wouldn't let go . Even through university I still did all  my friends and family’s  hair. I took it as a time to spend together , to connect and learn from one another.  After attending university for social work for 3 years I finally decided to go to hair school . I already worked at a beauty supply store since I was 17 and I had the passion and  natural skill for hair styling  and colouring but now needed to learn the science behind it all . Now I have been a licensed professional hair artist for over 8+ years and proudly own my own hair studio Salonki .  


In this space I get to share my absolute love for hair and get to connect with people from all walks of life . I get to have an open  , non judgement, non racist, non sexist , non prejudice space . I want every individual who walks into this space to feel a sense of comfort , acceptance , warmth , love and community . I want my clients to feel free to express themselves fully  . I want to use my skills and art  that I have been blessed with to help my clients look in the mirror and feel like their best self.I want to change the world one caring conversation at a time . I want to build a connected community one hug at a time .I want to change  within the afro and Lgbqt community those negative experience we’ve have had in salons . I want to change the world one awesome self accepting,self loving haircut or colour at a time ! 


My Fav thing to do in the Salon is everything ! I do however specialize in afro and curly hair care ,hair cutting , colouring and styling. I also specialize in colour corrections and colour fixes. I very much enjoy doing out of the box coloring and cutting style and  love creating and customizing styles and colours to each individual.  My clientele is very colourful meaning they range for all ages ,backgrounds and gender so come one come all . I look forward to meeting you and sharing ideas , conversation and helping you achieve those hair goals!


Shannon Skinner, Hairstylist/Owner

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